• A union of two key players, Alstom and Siemens Mobility Business, in the transport industry, resulting in a global player with a strong position in all market segments.
• A strong geographic complementarity worldwide in terms of industrial footprint and customer base, with critical size in each region.
• Strengthened financial capacity to boost innovation and develop best-in-class digital mobility solutions to increase differentiation.
• Large-scale standardization and sharing of best practices to offer more competitive solutions to customers.
This transaction will unite the entire Alstom and Siemens Mobility businesses, including Traction drives.
Siemens will be contributing the mentioned activities and will receive shares in Alstom in exchange.
More than 65,000 employees will work for the combined company in all parts of the globe. The new combined company is estimated to have a revenue of €15.6 billion and profits (adjusted EBIT) of €1.2 billion.
“Siemens Alstom”: a strong combination of brands bringing confidence to our customers.
The CEO of the new combined company will be the CEO of Alstom as of the closing day.
The Siemens Alstom headquarters and the management team for Rolling Stock will be located in the Paris area, in France. The combined company will remain listed in France. The headquarters of the Mobility Solutions business will be located in Berlin, Germany.
Due to extensive preparatory work during the EU merger control pre-notification phase and to data collection efforts in certain countries, closing during the first half of calendar year 2019 cannot be excluded. Since the MoU was announced in France, Alstom and Siemens initiated the information and consultation procedures for the works council according to French law prior to the signing of the transaction documents. This process was conducted in Belgium as well. The transaction will be subject to Alstom’s shareholders’ approval, anticipated to be obtained in July 2018. It is also subject to clearance from responsible regulatory authorities.